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Malignant Tumour Surgery

Malignant tumours of the intestines are referred to as colon cancer. Every year 30-35 out of every 100.000 inhabitants of Central Europe acquire this kind of cancer. It is therefore one of the most common types of cancer in Central Europe. About 15 % of all cancer patients die from this particular form of cancer.

Colon cancer does not show any symptoms for a long time. Only if the tumour starts bleeding or the volume of the bowels gets reduced, the following symptoms might show:

  • bloody or slimy stools
  • bowel cramps
  • abnormal forms of stools
  • diarrhea and constipation
  • frequent and painful flatulence

Invisible traces of blood in the stool are the only early symptom. They can be detected using tests like e.g. Hämoccult®. In some countries this test is used for colon cancer screenings.
Should you have noticed any of the above mentioned symptoms, talk to your doctor and ask for a coloscopy.

If a tumour is found at an early stage it is resected or removed entirely and chances of complete recovery are very high.

This surgery can be carried out by using large incisions but also laparoscopy or laparoscopy-assisted surgery are used.
Today minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is regarded as state-of-the-art therapy in case of colon cancer.