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Incisional Hernia Surgery

Despite a quick development of new operation techniques and progress in surgery, incisional hernia occurs after 10-20 % of all operations. Incisional hernia describes a bulge that forms underneath the skin because the pressure on a scar from e.g. the abdominal cavity becomes too strong. The muscle system cannot keep up with this pressure and muscles are pushed aside.

In this case the implantation of a synthetic mesh is advisable. MIS (minimally invasive surgery) is used for incisional hernia surgery and doctor Deckstein is an expert on that.

Choosing the right kind of synthetic tissue depends on the following factors:

  • size of the hernial orifice
  • age of patient
  • patient’s resilience
  • etc.

Up to now no case of cancer following the implantation of a synthetic mesh has been reported.

Should you have experienced any kind of pain caused by a scar resulting from abdominal or hernia surgery, contact doctor Deckstein now and get advised on the right therapy for you.